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22 May 2022 @ 01:39 am

Hajimemashite~~♫♫Collapse )
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Since I don't have time for these babies I want to sell all my hsj's and johnny's jr's stuffs. Hope they can find new mother soon. I sell for Indonesian buyers and might available for overseas fans too if you want to buy it. If theres anyone in Singapore who interested we can meet on 1-3 april 2017 in Singapore. Just send me a massage or line me.
Selling in low price and negotiable :) All price exclude shipping cost from Yogyakarta to your home.
100 % original stuff. All album and single 1x played. Uchiwa sealed 100% like new.  Pamphlet, photoset & clear file 1x opened and clear file never used.
(Kalo mau booking bisa DP 50% dulu. Ato bisa dicicil 2 kali tergantung harga.)

1. Yamada Ryosuke ( Jumping Carnival 2015) IDR 110.000

2. Chinen Yuri ( Live With Me in Tokyo Dome) IDR 110.000


3. Chinen Yuri (Jumping Carnival 2015) IDR 110.000

>Penlight Hey! Say! JUMP 1st Asian Tour 2012 IDR 100.000 [SOLD]

>Album & Single

1. [Album] Hey! Say! Jump - JUMP WORLD Limited Edition (CD+DVD+Photobook) IDR 250.000
2. [Single] Hey! Say! Jump - Super Delicate Limited Edition A (CD+DVD) IDR 175.000
3. [Single] NYC - Haina! LE A (CD+DVD +*Bonus official NYC post card) IDR 150.000
4. [Single] Hey! Say! Jump - Asu e no YELL Limited Edition B (CD+DVD) IDR 175.000
5. [Single] Sensation - Koro Sensation Limited Edition A IDR 175.000 (CD + DVD + Photobook) [SOLD]
>Clear File Kyomoto Taiga Shounentachi 2015 IDR 110.000

>Pamphlet Shounentachi 2015 ( Snowman x SixTones) IDR 250.000


>Original Photoset Shounentachi 2015

1. Kyomoto Taiga IDR 135.000

2. Abe Ryohei IDR 135.000

>Takizawa Kabuki 10th Anniversary Singapore - Hand Towel IDR 130.000
*Semua harga belum termasuk ongkir ke alamat pembeli (kirim dari Semarang)
*COD di Tembalang untuk wilayah Semarang COD Yogyakarta

Whatsapp: +6285725740112
LINE ID: itaitaaw
Twitter : @itaitaaw

Thank you for your attention!
Since I don't have time for these babies I want to sell all my hsj's and johnny's jr's stuffs. Hope they can find new mother soon. I sell for Indonesian buyers and might available for overseas fans too if you want to buy it.
Selling in low price and negotiable :) All price exclude shipping cost from Yogyakarta to your home.
100 % original stuff. All album and single 1x played. Uchiwa sealed 100% like new.  Pamphlet, photoset & clear file 1x opened and clear file never used.

Price & preview under the cut!
19 September 2015 @ 12:18 am
I upload it because someone asked me. Well I just read your comment some days ago, in case you still need it douzo.

Track List:
1. Love You More
2. My Eyes On You
3. Love You More (Instrumental)
4. My Eyes On You (Instrumental)
5. ANIMAL (English Version)

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Here. Before I knew it, I've subbed this. lol. Idk, Yuri is just too adorable and handsome, yes, handsome. Still cute, but handsome.
Yuri won 50.000 Yen in wearing pants without hands or they called it "No Hand Pants" competition. Sasuga ni.

Size: 47MB
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11 March 2015 @ 12:57 am
This month theme is "love at first sight" and they talk about it.

I was just bored. And this is the result of my boredom.
Nothing is perfect. Neither me nor my japanese nor my english nor my brain.

[Yuto x Yuri]

Yuto: It has been a while since we back to YY Club. This month theme is "love at first sight" right?
Yuri: Ah, but if you ask me which one I am, I'm an Akita Komachi person. (t/n: Akita Komachi: Variety of rice from Akita prefecture)
Yuto: Then, I'm a Yumepirika person. (t/n: Variety of rice from Hokkaido )
Yuri: Excuse me. What is Yumepirika...?
Yuto & Yuri: What is it? ( After that, they playing around imitating Yumepirika's comercial endlessly.) (t/n: If you don't understand their joke, go watch the CM here CM1/CM2/CM3)
Yuri: Alright! It's okay with this.
Yuto: No no, it's not okay! It's not the time to discuss about rice (laugh). This time, the theme is as soon as you took a look at something, you fell for it,  it's called  "love at first sight" .
Yuri: Yutti, you've often experienced love at first sight, right? When you look at something you will immediately say "Ah this is cute♥" or "I want this!". You have the image of being attracted.
Yuto: I often have urge to buy.
Yuri: Something like land or single house?
Yuto: There's no way I can buy something like that! (laugh)
Yuri: You also updated with sweets or new product of foods, right. When I discovered something new "Ah so there's something like this", you've often knew it already.
Yuto: Haven't you ever experienced "love at first sight"?
Yuri: I don't quite look at something new.
Yuto: Ah, because you're a type that stable.
Yuri: Even when I went for eat, I always choose the same menu as I usually ordered. I don't look towards something like limited-menu or new product.
Yuto: You really don't want to risk yourself. If me, I would concerned about that.
Yuri: But recently I experienced love at first sight.
Yuto: Eh, really? What is it? What is it?
Yuri: Leather jacket. The moment I saw it I felt "Ah this is good". But when I looked at the price it's 800.000 Yen. Of course, I couldn't buy that.
Yuto: So it's, unreached love at first sight... . But in exchange to not fell at first sight with one thing or another , you bought something good even the price is a little expensive, right?
Yuri: Though I'm not a fall-in-love-ish type (t/n: may be it means not easy to be atrracted. I quite confused how to put it in english), but I only bought something that I fell at first sight.
Yuto: That's why you've less failure. That reliable characteristic is important. Maybe I'll learn by observation too... . Whaaaat's whith this serious talk? It's not YY Club-ish, right? Will this be okay?
Yuri: That's why, it would be good if we end this with "What is Yumepirika?" (laugh).
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And finally... I subbed this one. Idk, I just felt like subbed this.
Well, I just found this old video in my drive and I can't get enough with Reo's cuteness. The talk part is just too cute. Actually Reo is a fan of Honda Tsubasa. He confessing to Honda! And his shyness is just too cuteeee. And then everyone teased him XD
It's not HQ though, I just too lazy to search again for the HQ RAW.
Haha enjoy!
Idk if there's someone who still interested though lol.


Size: 42.6MB
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03 December 2014 @ 12:48 am



3Dec! Yeah! Taiga's birthday! Happy Tiger's day! Wish you an awesome birthday!!
Always be my pretty ulala Taiga with that pretty voice as well!
Good luck with your own song!
I always proud of you no matter what. Even it takes a hundred years for you to debut lol NOOOO!
I'm sorry I couldn't make you something for your birthday :(
But I've translated Kayou Surprise (Taipi as guest & Taiga as sudden guest lol) for long time ago (as subber team of course) but our comm just released it today as Tiaga's birthday project.
So, here if you want to watch it.
bakareanoyankee | Kayou Surprise-Special Taiga

And Yuta-kun greeted Taiga a happy birthday! Yeay! I'm happy knowing this! Well, he never forget about Taiga's birthday and always greets him a happy birthday every year through his Twitter account ne. Arigatssss Yuta-kun!

Baidu IME_2014-12-3_0-17-13
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You grew up... *sobs*
Time flies so fast...
But you still and will always be my cutie cute shy (and sometimes cool) boy.
Eventhough you said you have changed. I'm glad, since you changed to be a better Chinen Yuri.
I wish you can talk more and more and more haha
But I love the silent Chinen Yuri as well.
I love you no matter what!!!

This is my present for Yuri birthday.
I'm not satisfied enough with this though.
But, since I really want to give something on Yuri birthday so badly, so I want to post this no matter what.
[Download Chinen Yuri Interview]
[CY21] OEY - Chinen Yuri Interview.mkv_snapshot_04.05_[2014.11.30_01.23.41]

[DVD] Yorozu Uranaidokoro Omyouya e Yokoso
Chinen Yuri Interview

*Note: It's my first time encoding. I went trough so many trouble when making this. I was asking here and there. So, sorry if the result is not that good like that pro subbers out there. But like I said before since I really want to give Yuri something on his birtday, so I want to post this no matter what. But I think it's good enough haha I've tried my best.
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23 November 2014 @ 03:54 am
Hello there~
2.05 a.m here. well...
Actually I don't know what to write, it just I can't sleep cause... I was sleeping the whole day I guess lol
30 November and 3 December are getting close. Yuri's and Taiga's birthday, and 13 November was my mom's birthday. Too much 'three' there. Honestly I'm preparing something for Yuri's birthday but I dont know I can make it or not beside my busy schedule. JLPT test on 7th Dec and then final exam woaah it will be tiring for me since I aim to be in class A again for next semester. The lesson is getting harder as well (Japanese Chuukyu 2) but I must do my best ne~
But it's good that I still can update with fandom despite my busy schedule, especially about Yuri. I still can update Nube every week. And I'm glad- No. I'm so happy really really HAPPY- cause Ryosuke is going to appear as guest in Nube eps. 8 and 9 kyaaaaaaa finally I can see yamachine again in one drama (sorry biased :p). He will play as Zekki-A demon. Cool and HOT demon though lol. According to the anime Zekki will try to kill Makoto (Yuri) but Izuna-san will rescue Makoto. You know actually I ship Izuna-Makoto cause they really cute Ican't stop flailing over them when watching Nube. But I love Yukime-Makoto as well cause Yukime is really cuteeeeee I love her Japanese accent despite she's korean. They way she's talking is so cute that I want to squish her (But well Yuri is the cutest!) But but but I love this Makoto-Noriko as well and Makoto-Hiroshi, well maybe I just too biased that I love Yuri to be paired with everyone lol. But eps 8 & 9 gonna be Yamachine's episode I'm so excited and it will be airing on 29th November which is some hours before Yuri's birthday, sweeeeeet~

Some cute scene on eps 6 :3[Click with your own risk][Click with your own risk]

And I'm glad that Yuri getting along well with the casts. They even hang out and eat together :3
I was afraid that he can't even talk to the other cast cause-let's look back to Ending Planer, seriously he even playing with the duct-tape! and Sprout, we know who's the lead actor? Yes, Chinen Yuri. And who's talking and got filmed all the time on the making video? Yes, Juri and Jesse! lol. I'm glad that now he's talking more, he even pretended to be a reporter once and interview the other students cast on Nube behind the scene. You grew up babe :")

About life, we just held our Japanese festival in my university. It's a big event for our majors. And it's a BIG successed! around 5000 people came and enjoyed our event! So crowded and full of people.Cosplay, dance cover, song cover, band, japanese foods etc is everywhere. And one of the dance cover team was covering JUMP's song and they got 2nd place haha (But I don't have the pic of it). It was one day tiring as hell but chouuuuu happy at the same time. We worked hard about 6months for this one-day event. This festival called ORENJI (Original event of Japan in Indonesia) we hold it every year but this year is the 3th year, the theme is "Haru/Spring" so we named it ORENJI "koizakura" which means "Sakura Love" we mixed it with Meiji-Era atmosphere. I was on the division which make all the decoration. But a little sad cause I hadn't have the chance to take a picture of my self and the decoration. I don't have much picture to show off lol. I was performed japanese traditional dance and modern dance as well hehe me being a little narcissistic here :p

The review of our event if may be you interested or just curious XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRnZXBqO7XQ
You can see the the back of 3 girls dancing with Happi (That read clothes like the one Ryosuke wear in Haina!) The one on the middle is me! lol. I'm happy eventhought it's just my back cause on the video I look so good and so cool from the back!!! /kicked XDD
It was rainy but they still so excited till night!
The gate! I'm proud of my work! haha
My back with Yukata ( I love my hair lol)
Me and my dorm-mates take a picture with one of zombie from Obakeyashiki.
We have this in photobooth. "Notice me senpai!" lol. I want Yuri senpai to notice me!!!!!!
My ugly face ugh.

Humm I still can't sleep :(
What's should I write? I don't have any idea anymore.  Let's just stop this post. I don't want to spam your friends page with this unnecessary thing of mine. I'll just going to watch some drama I guess and waiting Nube eps.7 to up!!
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